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She married him only because her parents made her. Stephanie is. She goes to college in Washington and Jack works in Florida. She obeys him no matter what he tells her to do. He deals in furniture. Amy is John's girlfriend. Have you eaten? Are you a relative of Mr. Mohan? Thanks very much for having me to dinner the other night. I am Mrs. Clinton. Yeah, there might be an accident up ahead.
Flash Player Cs5: - He has trouble remembering names.
- Is there any mail for me?
- Is your mother at home?
- Is he breathing?
- He admitted he had taken bribes.
- I must have caught a cold.
- The cost of living has risen.
- When would you like to meet?
- He is unpopular for some reason.
- I will pick you up around six.
The tree fell down. This car is like new. The richer he became, the more he wanted. I'm interested in creating my own web pages. He has no time. She must have been very young when she wrote this poem. When will it be ready? Whose pencil is this? The police ought to control the traffic. What a stroke of luck!

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